Why is Commercial Cat Food So Bad? Part 2 - Health Implications for Cats

This three part in-depth discussion takes a look at commercial cat food and what makes it so bad for cats. This part looks at the health effects from commercial foods and why they happen.

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This resource dives deeply into the health effects from traditional cat food – especially the most widely used food forms globally – to highlight the most pressing health challenges and to offer insight into the most important issues. This compelling resource is available from our Shop.

...health-related topics covered

Health effects from perpetual dehydration and exactly why this vicious cycle happens to cats is explored. The cat’s innate sensitivity to chemicals and toxins and what brings about this sensitivity is looked as well as the big trouble it spells for cats.

Digestive and metabolic stresses are investigated, what they do to cats and why they happen. The links between inflammation and disease as well as obesity and disease are covered, what these diseases are and how they occur.

Impact on dental health is highlighted, why dental deterioration is so prolific in the modern house cat and how it affects wider health and well-being. The discussion is concluded with a look at the drawn out sub-clinical slow burn that precedes the seemingly sudden onset of disease.

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