Meet the Fat Cat

Hi, I’m Marné

– a career academic and published author with a PhD in research psychology. But I decided to close this chapter in my life and move on to something I feel really excited and passionate about.

Cats. Felines were in my life long before the psychology thing. Some of my fondest memories include my cats. This project was born when my academic skills and my love for felines intersected.

Even though I am not a veterinarian or a feline nutritionist, I approached the modern house cat's diet in the same way I did all my past academic endeavours – by applying my skills and my analytical mind to create insight.

The idea for this project evolved from heartache when I lost my cat to the worldwide melamine scandal. Going forward, I wanted to feed my cats differently, but I didn’t know how.

"Experience is not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you.” – Aldous Huxley

One day I had an epiphany while watching my mom cook up a storm for her dogs – something she had done for years, with great results. Surely there was something similar for cats?

Back then, the internet was not quite what it is today. So, I bought some books on home-made diets, but they were rather disappointing.

They focused on dogs with cats casually thrown in as an afterthought. Generalisations for cats were made from observations with dogs. I never liked this approach as cats are so utterly unique.

It also bugged me that cooked food was probably not ideal for cats. If only there were some way to mimic the cat’s natural diet...

With this goal in mind, I kept digging. And over the years, I discovered some pretty incredible global resources that helped intensify my learning.

But, sometimes I felt overwhelmed as some raw methods were just so complicated. I know you should never wing a raw diet, but the complexity of some methods scared me.

Eventually I found several resources that described more attainable methods that were acceptably easy, affordable and comprehensive enough to cover the cat’s nutritional bases.

Finally, in 2016, I made the switch to a balanced raw diet and we never looked back. My cats enjoy their food, are slender, healthy and energetic.

The best way to nurture their inner kitten is with a fresh, species appropriate diet. No more slow, pudgy cats. No more listless, grumpy boys and girls. Cats are transformed into gregarious, playful, acrobats on a proper diet.

My mission now is to help improve the lives of other cats in the same way through diet. I have put together a method that harnesses the best features of different raw feeding philosophies and minimises the less desirable aspects.

I wanted to present all I had learned in a book. But there was way more information than a book could cover. So I made the decision to present the material in modules to offer a raw feeding school of sorts.

The materials go into detail to help facilitate skills for a lifetime. But I bring more than the raw feeding chef school. This website is built around celebrating our cats with all sorts of posts and content on interesting feline topics and behaviours.

I hope you will enjoy all of the materials as much as I did researching and creating them.

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Hope to see you again!

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