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This post gives a quick overview of what readers can expect from this website and explains what the key focal points are.

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Welcome to Best Fed Cats!

“A fresh, species-appropriate diet offers support for the body to maintain a vibrant state of being for many years” – Beth Taylor & Dr Karen Shaw Becker (DVM).

...our mission and vision

We know that, to improve health, we should eat natural, fresh, whole foods that burst with live nutrients. Strangely, we don't embrace this wisdom for our cats. We feed them the exact opposite – ultra processed, man-made foods.

This website is dedicated to feeding cats a more healthful diet that is in line with their biology and universal food truths.

...we strive to offer our families the best

In most households, cats are part of the family. As such, many of us want to also offer them the healthiest, happiest life possible. This website is all about improving their lives – starting with wellness through improved diet.

...what makes this website different?

No cat products or foods are sold on this website. Instead information to foster skills is provided. See it as a one-stop learning centre on improving the feline diet.

Cat carers will gain the knowledge to take charge of their cat’s diet. And as the member base grows, input from them will help to shape this website’s content. Cool, right?

...a quick heads-up

Because raw feeding is simply the pinnacle of the feline diet, a good chunk of the information on this website is dedicated to it. Modules will soon become available to teach you how to become a nature mimicking 'cat chef'.

...more general dietary topics

If raw feeding is not your thing, please stick around! There are still many other ways to improve your cat's diet that we are eager to share with you. So all cats can benefit, no matter the feeding regimen.

A collection of eBooks tackle more general dietary topics. They are hugely discounted – up to 100% even – to members, subscribers and supporters. Or they can be purchased by visitors. Check out these very useful eBooks and discover how they can be yours.

...want to meet the founder?

You can meet the cat chef behind this website and learn more about how this passion project came about. Come on - don't be shy. Pop in and read her story.

...we all have to eat

All of the materials on this website are crafted with love and care. And we shower you with lots of it for free – with compliments from us to you and your furry crew.

But we also need your love and support. Go to the Your Perks page for more information on the different ways in which you can support Best Fed Cats. Your support will allow us to continue with research and content creation.

Stay a while and browse – your cat will love you for it!

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The information provided on the website is educational and informational. We are here to give guidance on how to feed a properly balanced raw diet. We also offer advice on how to improve the diet of the modern house cat. Please note that we are not veterinarians. We are not here to give veterinary advice. Best Fed Cats will not be held responsible for any adverse reactions to your cat based on the information on our website. The health of your cat depends entirely on you. We expect you to use your knowledge of your cats, their circumstances and their health – in conjunction with a trusted veterinarian – to determine if any advice provided on this site is appropriate for your cats.

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