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Brief pointers on how eBook discounts are unlocked.

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Electronic resources are available in two different categories:

1:: eBOOKS that discuss more general feline topics.

2:: RAW FEEDING MODULES (COMING SOON) – a library of skill-building materials on how to correctly execute a nature mimicking diet. Topics that support nature mimicking chef skills are also provided.

The goal is for the raw feeding modules to be a comprehensive, definitive guide on biologically appropriate feeding. They will become available as training modules in the members-only area. Years of research and a wealth of information is shared.

How to unlock the discounts:

:: Subscribers get 100% discount on selected eBooks for signing up. One is received upon subscribing followed by more 100% discounted eBooks over time.

:: Monthly members on Buy Me A Coffee get the subscriber eBooks PLUS 50% discount on ALL eBooks and Modules. Members are notified of any additional discounts that may come their way.

:: Yearly members on Buy Me A Coffee get the subscriber eBooks PLUS 100% discount on ALL eBooks and Modules.

:: One-time Supporters on Buy Me a Coffee get a 100% discounted eBook or Module of their choice.

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The information provided on the website is educational and informational. We are here to give guidance on how to feed a properly balanced raw diet. We also offer advice on how to improve the diet of the modern house cat. Please note that we are not veterinarians. We are not here to give veterinary advice. Best Fed Cats will not be held responsible for any adverse reactions to your cat based on the information on our website. The health of your cat depends entirely on you. We expect you to use your knowledge of your cats, their circumstances and their health – in conjunction with a trusted veterinarian – to determine if any advice provided on this site is appropriate for your cats.

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