The RAW Cat Food Pyramid

A quick, introductory raw cat food pyramid providing a summary of the most notable raw feeding methods.

Best Fed Cats - a pyramid depicting various raw feeding methods for house cats
Best Fed Cats Raw Cat Food Pyramid
"I adopted Bug as a sickly (actually near death) underweight 6-month-old. I watched him blossom on the raw food diet. I now recommend raw diets to virtually all my clients" – Dr Andrea Tasi (DVM)

There are quite a number of different raw feeding methods out there. And it is a rapidly evolving way of feeding, with fast growing numbers of cat carers adopting it.

Some of these methods go back decades and still form the basis of newer, more modernised raw diets. Our RAW Cat Food Pyramid offers a quick summary of the most notable methods.

However, there are quite a few more. Our raw feeding pyramid will soon be picked up as a full length electronic resource that will discuss a more complete range of strategies to choose from.

It will look at each method, its characteristics, advantages, drawbacks and what separates it from other methods.

It will also consider balanced home-cooked cat food in some detail as it forms an integral part of biologically appropriate feeding. Home-cooked diets can be a great option in certain instances, permitted one is aware of the pros and cons.

Prospective raw feeding cat chefs will find this an interesting guide!

Supporters and subscribers will be notified the moment it is added to our electronic library.

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