Why is Commercial Cat Food so Bad? Part 1 - The Problems with Cat Food

This three part in-depth discussion takes a look at commercial cat food and what makes it so bad for cats. This part looks at the problems with the food itself.

Why is Commercial Cat Food so Bad? Part 1 - The Problems with Cat Food
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This resource dives deeply into traditional cat food – especially the most widely used food forms globally – to highlight inherent challenges and to offer insight into the most salient issues. This thought provoking resource is available from our Shop.

...a wide array of topics covered

Conventional cat foods, the most commonly used ingredients, what they are, where they are sourced from and their typical quality is looked at closely. Their suitability for feline nutrition is weighed. Things like toxins and contaminants and how they end up in cat food are examined.

The level of carnivore-appropriateness of widely used, common ingredients is explored. Food processing and manufacturing methods and their impact on food quality are delved into.

Health benefits of different food types, their end quality, bioavailability and healthfulness are considered throughout. Widely used practices within the industry and what they mean are teased out and their impact on health and nutrition are carefully weighed.

Challenges brought into the mix by marketing campaigns are considered and the overall safety of conventional foods – to us and our cats – are looked at. The ethics of cat food manufacturing and food trials are debated.

Finally, the environments and circumstances under which commercial foods are a valuable resource are considered. These and many more sub-topics are covered to provide an information dense resource that will answer any and all most lingering questions about commercial foods.

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