Why is Commercial Cat Food So Bad? Part 3 - The Solutions

This three part in-depth discussion takes a look at commercial cat food and what makes it so bad for cats. This concluding part looks at what we can do to mitigate identified health effects.

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This resource dives deeply into the viable solutions to the health effects from traditional cat food. Several strategies, tips and tricks are covered to this end. This informative resource is available from our Shop.

...solution strategies covered

The top solutions – switching to a biologically appropriate diet – is first looked at as well as the level of health leverage it provides. The impact of the removal of the most harmful food forms are explored as well as the health protection garnered from this crucial strategy.

Better food form choices and why they are more beneficial to cat health is looked at. A very important feeding strategy is then delved into and why it is so important to cat health to get this aspect right.

What ingredients to minimise, which to avoid completely and why this makes such a difference in health is also considered. The importance of curtailing exposure to other dietary problems conclude this insightful discussion and leaves the reader with a great set of solutions to work with.

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