Dietary Improvements on a Shoestring Budget

This resource looks at easy, cost-effective ways to improve a commercial cat food diet, when it is the only option a household can afford.

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This resource looks at simple dietary solutions on a budget commercial cat food diet. It is a value-adding resource available from our Shop. OR it can be a 100% discounted gift for subscribers!

...useful tips, tricks and strategies are provided

The discussion kicks of with a brief look at the best feline diet for the modern household. It then looks at foundational dietary principles one should not deviate from.

By simply feeding cats in a different way – when cat carers are unable to switch to a better food type – one can at least offer some protection to the cat’s digestive and metabolic health with a few simple tweaks.

With another simple dietary change, one can protect kidney and urological health and improve metabolic health even more.

The discussion also focuses on a simple, yet effective strategy that can greatly improve the cat’s overall health and nutrition, by using commercial foods in a different way. Extra benefits and safety are unlocked and costs are offset in a very clever, creative way.

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