What Should House Cats Eat? And Why?

The best diet for strict carnivores, such as house cats, is NOT the ultra processed, man-made, commercial food we feed them. Cats SHOULD eat carnivore appropriate, unprocessed foods, free from chemicals and synthetics. They should eat the food their biology evolved on – the way nature intended.

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"The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore

Cats are biologically and genetically obligate or hyper carnivores. They should eat a species appropriate diet – in line with their biological heritage.

…food for thought

The series of posts under the Ancestry' section delves into the house cat's mammalian order classification. It also looks at the genetic, biological, anatomical and behavioural proof to qualify their classification.

The blog post Is Cat Food Best For Cats? explores what cats should NOT be eating. It looks at how the wrong foods are affecting them and how they are likely feeling on the wrong diet.

Why is Commercial Cat Food so Bad? is a three-part series of eBooks. They dive deeply into the realities of these convenience foods, and their long list of health negatives. A set of workable solutions are also discussed. Prepare for your mind to be blown.

…not a plot to take over the world

The intention behind this website is not to overthrow the pet food industry. It is simply a quest to make healthier choices for cats. The mission is to put feline health and well-being first – ahead of our convenience.

This website will provide readers with the options and tools to improve the wellness of their feline house-mates. These will range from modest changes to profound diet make-overs.

And there promises to be something for every cat.

The Why

Before delving into the nuts and bolts of what cats should be eating, we first need to remind ourselves of some dietary truths. Though they underpin good health, we tend to easily forget them.

We need to pare back to the basics and the WHY. And these fundamentals should inform the diet of all living beings – mammal, fly, fish or fowl.

...a biologically appropriate diet is king, no matter the species

All species on the planet simply fare best on biologically appropriate food, in other words, the diet nature provides. No other diet can do for a species what their evolutionary diet can.

Whenever we want to restore, protect or optimise health, we are advised to eat mother earth’s bounty – the unique, instinctual diet she provides for every living being.

Only biologically appropriate foods can ensure that all nutritional bases are covered.

The How

...minimising artificial foods will transform health

If transforming health and living better is the why, then this is the HOW. Those in the know advise us to keep food as simple and as close to its original state as possible.

We are told to remove chemicals, colourants, flavourants and all artificial ingredients from the diet. And omit everything that comes in a box or a bag with long lists of ingredients.

Also, we need to cut out processed, junk and convenience foods. For cats, commercial foods – especially dry varieties – tick all of the boxes of what we need to ditch to improve their health.

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Ultimately, that is what we all want – good health and well-being. And cats deserve to have it too.

The blog post Why is the Right Diet so Important? puts some more flesh on the 'why' axis.

...universally true outcomes

These fundamental guidelines are evergreen. They will never date or go out of fashion. They are easy to follow and we can not go wrong with them.

They offer the best shot at a healthy and happy life, free from chronic disease. They also offer the highest likelihood of longevity and the best quality of life.

Plus they are equally true for the cats in our homes. And they will reap the same rewards.

...it is in our hands

As pets in our homes, cats are completely dependent on us and they have to eat what we feed them. And this is a good thing. It means that our cat’s diet is 100% in our hands.

With some research, skill honing and by following a tried and tested feeding method, we can improve the cat’s diet dramatically. We can transform their health – just as we can transform our own.

In fact, we can get so much closer to the cat’s ancestral diet than any other cat food can – save of feeding rats and mice, that is.

The What

To answer the WHAT question, we need to look to nature and embrace her wisdom. Cats are obligate or strict carnivores, which means that their biology depends upon an all animal diet.

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…do I need a tent and a back-pack?

Fortunately, feeding a species appropriate diet does not mean that we have to trek into the wilderness, scouring for rats, bats and sprats. Though, there are probably some cat devotees who do just that.

But no. A trip to the grocery store will do. Luckily we can find all the bits and bobs right there in our own grocery aisles. A relief, huh?

Or, if you want to get fancy-schmancy, you can visit a butchery, a farmers' or an ethnic food market.

…hit the brakes a bit

Before drawing up the bridge because raw feeding is not your jam, first consider the articles linked to at the top. They offer the rationale, rooted in science, for a biologically appropriate diet. Then decide.

It is easier than most people think. Following a tried and tested blueprint will be like following a recipe (without the cooking ;-D).

And these feline food pioneers have thought of everything. So, we will be standing on the shoulders of giants.

Expense is a worry too, but where there is a will, there is a way. And there are ways to raw feed on a shoe-string budget. Plus, this website will provide all of the resources to foster the skills.

Tips and tricks, ways to approach raw feeding, what to do, what not to do and ways to operate on a tight schedule and budget will all be revealed. And much, much more is to come.

…what's next?

Now that you know why, what to do and where to go, the next post will provide a handy-dandy cat food pyramid. Future posts will take a look at what nature mimicking diets are and why they are so awesome.

Hope to see you there!

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