Preparing For The Healthy Cat Food Journey

A healthier feline diet is the object at the heart of this project. This post explains how certain resources tie into this central object and how they tie together. It points out how the eBooks discussed in this post can be obtained at a 50% or even 100% discount.

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Together we embark on the journey to improve feline health, wellness and longevity through diet. It begins here.

...preparing for the most awesome journey

The eBook resources mentioned in this post collectively lay the foundation before embarking on the transformational nature mimicking way of feeding.

As such, these resources are a good place to start to get us on our way to achieving this health-sparing and wellness providing feline diet.

Figuring out a more healthy diet can be a bit of a quest, even more so when it is for a different species. It is especially difficult when we have attention-grabbing commercial cat food marketers in our ears.

...eye-opening discussions that remind us why we are taking this journey

Whether we want to believe it or not, beneath all the marketing noise, there are so many problems inherent to the most popular cat foods – foods used by millions who are unaware of the health consequences.

All of these issues leave their mark on our cat’s health. They range from “Meh” to “Shut the front door!” If your partner or family member thinks you are being a silly duck, this resource might give them a push to get onboard with you.

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We all know that commercial foods are affordable, and oh so convenient. They are a match made in heaven – for us. But there is a cost.

Seasoned food author, Michael Pollan, states it well: “The real cost of the food is paid somewhere..." Most of the time, the cost is to health.

You might think that you are saving money – but these savings are charged to your cat’s health. You may think you are saving time and effort – but your cat is picking up the bill.

From his life’s work, Pollan puts forth evergreen food rules. But the first two are probably the most important: Eat healthy food that your great-grandmother would have recognised. Avoid anything processed.

And they even apply to cats. These and other evergreen feline food rules offer the solutions to curb the dietary cost to feline health.

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...globally, we have all fallen on some tough times lately

We each have a life that kicks up storms all around us. Sometimes things go well and other times we have to pinch every penny tightly.

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In the current financial climate, not all of us can embark on the nature mimicking journey right this moment. We might not yet be able to implement this feeding solution to get cats optimally healthy.

...but there are still things we can do right now

Many of us may have room for one change – and it is a good one! Feeding only canned cat food in the meantime is something we can do that offers a good health result while we wait for sunnier skies.

With some skill honing, we can get a pretty decent canned cat food without necessarily spending more. How To Find The Best Wet Cat Food is an eBook that discusses what to look for in a canned food.

But some of us may not even be able to make this one change right now. Money talks and we have to fall in line, right?

For those times when our finances are really wobbly, we can begin by implementing simple tweaks to the cat's existing diet.

Dietary Improvements On A Shoestring Budget provides a whole host of strategies, tips and tricks. These tweaks won’t transform feline health, but they will be a good strategy in the interim.

They might just be what we need to help preserve our cat's health until we can resume our climb up the wellness ladder.

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...keeping our eye on the ball

Luckily, all problems are transient – even shaky finances. When things look up a little, canned food may become an option – or even healthier food.

Who knows. We might soon be in a position to reach for that magic nature mimicking wand that makes all traditional cat food problems go poof. It is such a restorative diet that we must not lose sight of it.

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...we have to decide where to place the cost

With a nature mimicking diet, the cost is removed from our cat’s health, but it is tacked on to our budget and our effort. But take it from Michael Pollan: “Cheap food is an illusion. There is no such thing as cheap food”.

Indeed. We pay with our wallets, or we pay with health. If we truly want to unburden our cat's health, we can opt for this pinnacle diet – a balanced, raw, biologically appropriate fuel for cats. will hear us bang on a lot about this feeding method

Yes, we do bang on and on about it. But the reason is that a nature mimicking diet is unbeatable.

Because it is such an ingenious, stellar way of feeding our cats, most of the upcoming supporter-only posts will systematically teach and support this method.

And they promise to be good. Give a nature mimicking diet a try, and the results will speak for themselves.

For more information on the full range of Best Fed Cats benefits, an upcoming post will reveal all.

We hope that you and your furry crew will board the awesome raw train with us. It is a journey so worth taking!

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